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Who can participate?

All students in preschool, elementary, secondary, adult education and vocational training from schools located in Quebec. Homeschooled students in Quebec may also participate. We encourage collaborative projects, but we also accept individual projects.

Who can enter a student project?

Students are not allowed to submit their projects directly to Kreocode. The participating teacher (PT) is responsible for submitting a maximum of 5 student projects from their group. If necessary, the PT will provide communication between Kreocode and the participating students. In the case of a homeschooled student, a parent or guardian will assume the role of the PT.


Each project submitted must respect all the guidelines set out in the documents associated with the event.

Accepted Programming Tools

The challenges must be completed using Scratch or ScratchJr only. Please note that the use of external components such as microcontrollers, peripherals and sensors will not be accepted.

Language Quality

Projects can be carried out and submitted in French, English or both languages. It is important to ensure the quality of the language before submitting a project.

Code of Conduct

The participating student must abide by the Scratch Community Guidelines and the Kreocode Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Kreocode reserves the right to withdraw any project that does not fully comply with the conditions of participation.

In order to respect copyright and to increase students’ awareness of the need to act ethically towards digital technology, it is important that students identify the source of the images or sounds used in their project. In addition, it is important to ensure that these images or sounds are copyright-free or licensed under Creative Commons. If necessary, the student, accompanied by the LT, can ask the author for the rights to use his or her work in the context of the event.

If it is necessary to cite a source or give attribution to an element of the project, use the “Notes and Credits” section of the project’s page in Scratch.

Scratch screenshot

Project Submission Guidelines

The deadline for project submission is April 26, 2024. Any project received after this date will not be accepted


  • The teacher must ensure that the student clicks “Share” in Scratch once their project is complete.
  • The teacher must share the Scratch project links in the form on the Challenges page.


  • Since ScratchJr does not allow a direct link to share projects, a screen recording in video format must be created:
    • Make a screen recording in video format of the project in action on the device used.
    • Save this video in the teacher’s cloud space (Google Drive or OneDrive).
    • Create a public sharing link (anyone with the link can view).
    • Share the video link in the form on the Challenges page.
    • The videos will then be uploaded by our team to the Kreocode event website.

Photos and Videos of Students

In order to avoid legal procedures for obtaining image rights and sharing personal information, projects featuring an image of the participant or any other information that could identify the student (name, group, school, etc.) will not be accepted. Kreocode is not responsible for the content of the submitted videos and projects.

Certificates of Participation

A digital certificate of participation will be emailed to the teacher in charge at the end of the event. These digital certificates can be personalized, printed and distributed to the participating students.

Projects That Inspire

Some of the projects submitted may be highlighted on the Kreocode site and on Kreocode’s social networks.

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